September 15th

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Happy Thursday 🍂 🍃 🎃 I know the day is nearly over for many of you; but, I send my sincerest wishes for a lovely night’s rest.

Today’s challenge is Compete against an earlier version of yourself.

The idea of competition is a bit threatening to me. I’ve never been a person who sought challenge. I will say; though, if I’m going to set myself a standard, a definite bar of which I grow, it will be of my previous self.

It is only my previous self that truly identifies all of which I can truly relate and understand. My previous self won’t be perfect, of course; but, it’s the past of which I’ve walked. It’s where I’ve been; and, I can only grow from which I understand.

Comparing is a horrendous habit in our lives. It’s unnecessary and damaging.

Here’s to facing our biggest competition (ourselves) and winning!

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè


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