September 8th {MUST READ YA’LL 🍂}

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Good Morning, Afternoon, and Evening 🍃🎃

How are you, today? I’m hoping well 🍃

Today’s Do-For-You Challenge fits perfectly with what we talked about yesterday.

Today’s challenge is Be more polite to yourself.

How does that sound? They sound like all the sayings, phrases, and words that your inner child needs to hear.

  • I would rather be happy than be right.
  • I will stop pleasing everyone; and, I’ll focus on myself.
  • My body and looks don’t define me; my heart does.
  • All that I am, and who I become, defines my worth.
  • I love me.
  • I may not be where I’m going; but, I’m past where I’ve been.

I, 100%, can say that that innocent and sweet child is still within us. I know, before they saw their 5th birthday, they lived expierences that impacted every day after. They heard some things that didn’t make sense. They saw a few things that resulted in feeling tPhysically , They may have even went through horribly mentally traumatic stuff.

That child is still you. That child is still seeking it’s purest, happiest, and most recognizable self. Do this for you, today.

Begin reacquainting yourself with that angel baby inside.

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè

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