September 3rd

Revisit Previous Days:

Hello Friend, today we greet day 3 of my Do-For-You Challenge. There previous days will always be listed above🍂🎃

Today’s challenge is Be Honest with Yourself.

Is that easy or difficult for you? Is it both? Do you have any idea? Well, today, I’m going to share some honesty to myself.. Here, so you can see I’m working on myself.

Here’s 5 Confessions:

  • I don’t apologize as often as I should; because, I’ve become accustom to dealing with life alone.
  • Some foods at my house are just for me.
  • I react more than I respond.
  • I’ve had HPV and don’t know who gave it to me.
  • I’ve lied on an apartment application out of desperation.

What about you? Is there anything you should just face and get over? Right now is the perfect time to begin healing 🙂

As a nation, we have overcome adversity. Individually, we can, too! I believe in me; I believe in you!

With Love and Light –

Nova Namastè


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