Do-For-You Challenge: Day 1

Today begins a new month! I can’t wrap my brain around it; but, here we are, friends.

As the year continues, we make our way into Autumn. The world around us changes in color. The air cools to a crisp. Backwoods grow more visible. Bakeries begin making the most delicious desserts.

It’s a season of Thanksgiving. It’s the time of year when cuddles on couches, toasted marshmallows on sticks, and leaves on the ground make us smile.

This year, beginning today, I will be participating in the Do-For-You 30 Day Challenge. I’m eternally grateful for so much and so many; however, I don’t give myself enough love.

Today’s challenge: Spend time with the right people!

This is important because others have an influence us. Their beliefs, habits, and thoughts impact us. Please make sure you are around those who meet your level of awesome and rise you up!

Create a Lasting Legacy 💜

Nova Namastè

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