Not the lighthearted silly snowman that formulates the best jokes.

Not the sweet Anna that never gives up on believing her sister’s potential.

Not even Elsa, the gorgeous, older, yet painfully stubborn daughter, who hides her unique ability, in fear of what others may think.

No.. this frozen isn’t at all a fairytale.

It’s a glimpse into a life. A non-fiction, non-cartoon, non-stop life.

It’s the moment when I hear “I’ll never let go.” so differently than before.

It’s been said in a movie, one centered around God.. and Faith. It’s not a surprise then, the quote is used by the “father-like” figure. The man discovers a young girl believes she’s his daughter.

As the movie continues, the healing of the characters is beautiful! The two main characters grow in family and in faith. The test results no longer mattered.

I nearly couldn’t finish watching it. The letting go has tainted my trust in relationships. If I don’t trust, I can’t expect people to stay. I can’t be hurt, when they leave.

It’s the moment of frozen time, that I heard above all else. It’s the words that remind me of Tim McGraw’s Don’t Take the Girl.

God said, see this world with childlike eyes. This verse rings so loudly, to me, today. Now, I beg God to heal the brokenness in my life.

With Love,


Be mindful of all things, in every realm, of this life. You may need exactly what it’s saying.

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