Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Have you finished your shopping? I’ve yet to shop for my special man.. so here’s a few ideas, should anyone be in my 👠 shoes.

Valentine’s Day Gifts:

For HIM:

  1. Gaming headset for X-Box One Series
  2. 1 Month Ultimate Xbox Game Pass
  3. Men’s Deadpool Funny Teeshirt

For HER:

1. A throw blanket and pillow combo is always a cute idea!! Here’s a few:

  1. Cute Blanket
  2. Cute Blanket
  3. Really Cute Pillow
  4. Another Great Pillow

2. Of course, chocolates!! Russell Stover are one of my favorite companies.

3. Excellent Books

  1. Untamed
  2. Atlas of the Heart

For Kids:

  1. All Because You Matter book
  2. LOL Mini Family Set
  3. S’mores Kit with Bear
  4. Lots of Boys Cute T-shirts

For Significant Other:

  1. Celebrate Our Love Couples Journal
  2. Luxurious Satin Sheets
  3. Valentine’s Day Cookie House Kit
  4. A Delicious Bottle of Wine

All these gifts are from Target and less than $25!!!



13 responses to “Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas”

  1. My husband and I aren’t exchanging v-day gifts this year. Previous years, I would buy him a gift card or cute valentines stuffed animal, a v-day card etc. He would throw the stuffed animal in the corner and toss the card away. So I gave up with gifts. I realize it’s not his love language so I gave up 🤷‍♀️

    I told him a MCDs coffee date with the kiddies is good enough for me and he’s totally fine with that. So we go on cheap dates to MCDs now ♥️

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