The Price for Loving is Loss💔

Taken from her Grandson, Matt’s InstaStory

Words seem so feeble

in moments like these.

Life is so precious,

and death such a thief.

The depths of your pain

I cannot comprehend,

but I’ll stand alongside you

in the darkness, my friend.

Love is a bond

that death cannot part.

Gone from your arms,

but still held in your heart.

By John Mark Green

Sweet Grandma GB,

I’ve cried all sorts of tears with you, these past 24 months. None have felt so heavy with despair, than these ones right now, .. these that I’m crying alone. You changed so many lives. You saved so many souls. You were light and a complete joy to everyone on TikTok! I know my heart is so very sad. I never wanted this day to come. May you dance in all your badassery on those golden streets. Wear your very favorite pair of shades.

I love you GB,


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