New Day, New Chance

Today’s brand new. When you take a moment to really think about that, do you understand?

A change happens in a second.

That’s all it takes.

Sometimes, it’s an involuntarily change.

Covid has taught us to never forget our mortality.

In the same respect, our human species has adapted to change over and over again.

Adaptation is a gift, a means of survival. We’ve had the answer all along.

Some of us recognized that truth.

I’m here to bring the light to everyone else.

When a new chance comes, you’re meant to take it.

You’re meant to change, even when it seems impossible.

You’re meant to choose something different, especially when it’s uncomfortable.

In the new day, new chances will come; and, you’ll adapt into your new routine..

Until the next opportunity presents itself, when, once again, you’ll become an even better version of yourself.

Have faith in the process 🙏🏼❤️



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