Brag on Yourself Blog

Let’s hear it…

I want you to brag so hard about yourself, that you leave absolutely nothing unsaid.

This past 18 months or so have been so difficult; but, we’ve made it!

Tell me your wins. Tell me about your growth. Tell me about the time when you felt defeated but then what? Tell me every victory you’ve faced.. And every challenge you smashed.

Spend intentional time focusing on you and your GOOD 🙏🏼

Share with me ❤️

Tonight, I made a hand warmer. I’m making a few more for my kids. Heck.. I might even make some for the homeless; and, pass them out.

I’m far from a professional but they’ll do a fine job keeping my kids fingers and bodies warm while waiting for school to open.

The fabric makes these so fun to create. The top isn’t dirty; is the way the flash hit the material.

Love you all so much ❤️

18 responses to “Brag on Yourself Blog”

  1. This is a fantastic idea! I went to the beach last Saturday to do my writing. It was calming and gave me tons of inspiration. Wrote a poem and jotted down some thoughts. Was able to write freely after that experience!

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    • Oh the water is certainly a powerful source of inspiration ❤️❤️❤️ I’m so happy you made time to get there; and, you received exactly what you needed. Hugs!!



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