🌟21 for 22 πŸŒŸ

1.Knowledge changes your mind.

2. Questions present opportunities to learn.

3. Choices always shows you some version of yourself.

4. Fear is nomenclature for negitivity.

5. Secrets aren’t really secrets. It’s just less common knowledge.

6. Today is always yesterday and tomorrow,… Depending on the direction you’re looking.

7. Ideas need to be conveyed in their correct word choices.

8. Light seeps through cracks so hope can restore you to keep going.

9. Healing oneself stops pain from infesting other lives.

10. Confidence and egotistism are separate concepts.

* 10 Goals for 2022 *

  • Eat healthier Walk 300 miles
  • Blog every other day (at least!)
  • Save more money by less frivolous spending
  • Not explain much to anybody
  • Super declutter my apartment
  • Better maintain my vehicle
  • Pay off my credit cards
  • Visit my brother
  • Go to the lake, at least 3 times
  • Take a 10 min self care, every day!

“She was broken, I think it’s because she loved too much and she was always blind to the fact that love.”

rm drake

With Love and Light,

Nova Namastè

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