269- The End Days of 365 Thanks Giving 🦃🎃🥧

This is going to be an interesting post, for sure!

Today, I’m giving thanks for the following:

  1. White Out
  2. Fine point pens
  3. Extension chords
  4. Socket adapters
  5. Self cleaning appliances
  6. Holiday decorations tutorials
  7. Blogging, where I found my voice
  8. Sand sculptures
  9. Wide open spaces
  10. Popcorn topping
  11. Vicks scented tissues
  12. Highway
  13. Four leaf clovers
  14. Edible wildflowers
  15. Dreams
  16. Girls who play with “boy” toys
  17. Boys who play with “girl” toys
  18. Cotton fields
  19. Fresh sweet watermelon
  20. Showers
  21. Body wash with pump tops
  22. Moments of sudden silence
  23. Unexpected incontrollable laughter
  24. Granted wishes
  25. Pottery before it’s cooked
  26. Watching an individual doing what he/she loves
  27. Female wolves defending male wolves
  28. People accomplishing what they never thought they could
  29. Spoon rests
  30. Corkscrews
  31. All the multiple positions of adult fun
  32. Emojis
  33. Talk to text
  34. Air gyms
  35. Bee Keepers
  36. Bravery
  37. Encouragement from others
  38. Plenty of food in my kitchen
  39. The Flintstones
  40. Fish oil capsules
  41. All the different types of scientists
  42. Peaceful silence
  43. Roller skating
  44. Deposits
  45. Aces
  46. Game nights
  47. Fellowship nights
  48. Sea coral
  49. Movies that depict awkward chapters in life
  50. Christmas lights displays
  51. Friends I’ve yet to make
  52. Opportunities to be kind
  53. Remote control cars
  54. Barbies
  55. Classic toys (especially McDonlds happy meal)
  56. Preserved history
  57. Snorkeling
  58. Hot air balloons
  59. Campers
  60. Creative ways to do ordinary things
  61. Fearlessness
  62. The moment when my medication kicks in
  63. When I recognize growth
  64. Wrapping paper
  65. Kitchen Counter space
  66. Litter of kittens
  67. Bingo
  68. Bakeries
  69. American Flag
  70. Zippers
  71. Shared milkshakes
  72. Giggles and whispers
  73. Tougher than my pain
  74. Mash potatoes
  75. Moksha
  76. Seals
  77. Ice cubes
  78. Fruit kabobs
  79. Markers
  80. Peanut Butter
  81. Strawberries
  82. Horseback riding
  83. Top down car rides
  84. Zombie movies
  85. Silly String
  86. Hemoglobin
  87. Earrings
  88. Elephants
  89. Black clothes
  90. Windows
  91. Xerox machines
  92. Voice messages
  93. Nectar
  94. Fashion designers
  95. Closed Captioning
  96. Swirls of color
  97. Breakfasts any time of day!

Another goal in the books for 2021!! I’m actually very proud of myself ❤️🥧❤️🥧 I sure hope this has encouraged you to take a minute and feel thankful. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading these, as I’ve published them. I’m grateful for all of you. My Namastè 365 Online has become my home. It’s where I’ve felt I have a voice.. with thoughts that matter.

Thank you again for joining me on this incredible journey.

Have the Happiest tomorrow you’ve ever had!

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness

Nova Namastè

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