Newest Followers Welcome

Unbeknownst to you, I set a blogging goal for myself this Summer. By December 31st, 11:59… I wanted my site to reach 2500 individuals who felt it worthy enough to follow! I didn’t feel arrogant, but rather faithful in achieving this dream. I never doubted this would happen, eventually.

A day or so ago, Pat Fitzgerald grabbed that 2500th slot! Thank you so much, friend! I’m grateful for you; and, I hope your visit is always positive and inspiring. Would all of you other followers slide over that way, and show Pat some like, follow, and comment love? Thank you!

I need to give thanks to Kenny at Ken’s Devotions! He is always reblogging my content ( 🤔 I’m not sure what’s so special about mine, honestly!), which advertises me to others. Please leave him a hello, too, followers.

Since I’ve had over 500 added since January, I’d like to spotlight many of the recent ones! All of you guys are amazing! I cherish each one of you. If you have time, could you all drop by one another’s blog and show support? Let’s show each other what my blog is all about…Unifying us in the process of improving our mental health through self care and kindness.

Here’s additional followers to love on:

Thank you again, for all your support, comments, feedback, etc. I am planning a few improvements for next year. I always want to make your experience more enriching! In the mean time, enjoy your visit!

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness!

Nova Namastè

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