My Mental Health Journey #22

Dear Strong Woman:

You are amazing. You get up every morning, and, without hesitation, face whatever life brings you. You refuse to hide in your comfort space, long past the moment you needed too. You shake off the disappointment, once you’ve allowed yourself to feel it. You laugh, whether proud and loud, or under your breath.. Because your inner ornery voice decided to show up. You keep focused on better.

More so than ever, the roads, in your mind, are connecting and making sense. You are growing, learning to respond instead of react. You are taking action that will result in a better life, for yourself, and your daughters. Your continuous openess and vulnerability is so brave. In those moments, when you’re exhausted and begin to believe no one cares… You retrieve inward… knowing that your soul is seeking self care. That’s ok. You’re allowed to do that, and accept no judgement.

You’ve always had the gift of empathy and the willingness to understand. You’ve used them to improve your mental health and encourage others. You share your life, allowing space for individuals who need it. You remain humble and grateful.

Sometimes, you’ll feel exhausted and over stimulated. Never, though, are you undeserving to be somewhere.. To take space for you when all the space is a social and optional setting.

When life seems too much, seek within yourself, the love you effortlessly give others. You’re an incredible human being. You are a champion, a warrior, leader, full of goodness and beauty this world needs.

Listen sweet lady, you’re allowed to feel what you do. Your voice matters. You matter. You’re in no need of permission to speak, or speak up. You don’t need approval to be who and as you are…

Today, I’m here to give you love and support. To praise you for your efforts. I’m here to recognize your strengths, and accomplishments.. Today, you should be good to yourself.. Because you feel A LOT.. and you do A LOT.. for all that & those around you.

I’m proud of you. You’re a good person. You deserve self recognition and positive energy.

Continue being one hella badass Ms.

There’s no one else in this life, who can fill your shoes.

With truest love & grace,


– 11/1/21

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