AUDIO: Change Your What Ifs

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Good morning guys it is 9:45 October 29, 2021. I wanted to start implementing a voice blog into my website, so that my stories can become a bit more personal, my followers and readers can connect better with my experiences, and those who may not be able to see or read would be able to still listen to my posts.

I wanted to give this a try, see how it works. I’m kind of excited; because, it’ll bring my stories to life, more so; and, even though I’m a bit self-conscious about sharing and record and knowing people are going to hear it, I do feel I can be more myself. I can be more authentic; and, you’ll get to see more of a glimpse into my life this way. So this is my first one; and, I think what I wanted to talk about today was something that was profound and in my week.

There was a point in my life where I had tons of fear. I had fear of trying to drive. I had fear of succeeding. I had fear of failing. I had fear almost through every area of my life. I remember one time particularly, with driving, because I had vertigo that was untreated, I felt like I was never going to be able to get past the habitat? (Is that a word 🤔??) habitation? I would never get past all of this anxiety of driving that restricts me from being free and independent so I started going to the doctor I got medicine for my vertigo. Then, I needed to work on my anxiety and my confidence.

I went and saw the therapist. I was prescribed medication; and, the only thing I needed to really do was get on the highway and the interstate and do it. Of course it was scary and of course I went through panic attacks. I remember feeling it all the way from my fingertips my sweaty palms to my racing, heartbeat and chill just going down my body; and, my heart feeling like I can’t breathe anymore. It’s what challenged me.

This is the profound point. I remember hearing once that if you believe that you can you will. I also heard, what if you do succeed? What if you? What if when you try you turn a fear into a win, of any level. I think that was the profound moment for me, turning the what if’s, what if I fail, what if I do it wrong, what if someone hears me, what if someone sees me, what if I make a fool out of myself, what if… what if… BUT what would happen if we took those WHAT IFs and turned them into positives? What if I succeeded while I was driving? What if it wasn’t so bad? What if I started going 10 miles of the road and then adding more distance each time? What if I tried cooking some thing; and, it actually turned out great? What if I turned in the application to the University; and, I got accepted?

The message is that this one life here is endless possibilities. The only way that anything is stopped in our life is by our own selves.

Our minds are often a mixture of good and bad, and insecurity versus confidence.

I’m just reiterating today that, what if can be a wonderful thing. It could be the words that help you restore confidence in yourself, push you to greater things, and encourages you to try again.

Ultimately, you become more than you thought you could. That’s what I wanted and start my blog with. If you go through your day; and, you start doubting yourself, your abilities and, you feel a sense of anxiety or fear, turn that negative off and start saying what if this helps. What if my story of overcoming inspire someone else? What if I succeed at this task? What if it restores hope that I’m confident that I can do this job? What if this is the start of something wonderful because I gave it a try?

That’s what I wanna encourage you guys with today. I’m so thankful that you listened; and, you’re here. I’m so thankful for all of my followers. I have noticed that the numbers have been rising. I’m tremendously grateful!

I hope you guys can hear this well. This is a test first blog. Let me know what you think; and, I look forward to hearing your feedback.

I hope you have a great Friday!


Nova Namastè

10 responses to “AUDIO: Change Your What Ifs”

    • Wow 🙂 Thank you!! That means a lot to me! I’m definitely going to keep on this path and see what happens 💚 I sure appreciate your thoughts and hope you’ll visit again!


    • Awe, thank you❤️❤️ That’s a kind word I really needed right now. I have thought about it but it’s been sometime and I’m not sure if I have the structure for it yet so I’m gonna see how I do with posting here and then maybe transition into podcasting❤️❤️ Thank you for the smile

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