My Mental Health Journey #20: The Wave is More Than Literal

Unfortunately, our states are being covered by dangerous amounts of water. It’s that time of year, when the waters remind us of their power.

Right now, I feel these monstrous and threatening waves are flooding souls, too. I feel this shift in the universal connection, a “San Andreas Fault”, if you will. The effects are shaking foundations. The roads are bowing .. and fear is suffocating all faith and hope from people.

People are sliding backwards, screaming to be rescued… from Covid.. from the Delta Variant.. the government, vaccine, masks, and mandatory regulations. It’s scary, my heart is aching… The disparity right now is the pre-condition of the Winter Blues.

Even here, times are changing. It’s more prevalent right now.. and it doesn’t feel like it’s towards anything good.

I know in my own life, there’s secrets that I’ve not told anyone. My own voice is not happy.. content.. and I hate it.

I have a flood of crazy crap jumbled in my head. I have things I was to blog about for here. I have a million thoughts about my kids, both going to school this year. I have thoughts about EVERYTHING!

That said, I may not be on much for a while. I have both my kids starting school and so much else to consider. I hope you’ll read what I’ve posted this far. I hope it’s or it’ll be a space of safety and security for you. I hope you all stay well and do what’s mentally best for you!

Until Next Time,

Nova Namastè

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