Intentionally Present

Dear Followers:

Hello, hopefully your week has started wonderfully.

Right now, I’m coming to you in such a different mindset. Honestly, I don’t think there’s any going back. The door’s been closed; I’m not meant to look back. I’m not meant to try and hold on to it. That’s what I’d want (sometimes!).. But that’s not how life works.

Friends, if I can teach you anything, it’s this: be mindful of your prescence in this world. Often time, most of the time, we’re regretting or running from the past. When we’re not doing that, we’re messing up things in fear of what our insecurities tell us. Our minds don’t seem to be right now, right here, and we’re ok!

You see, life waits for no one. If we don’t allow ourselves to slow down, take some time and completely be in the moment, it’s going to pass. We’ll lose that precious time.

The significance of a moment? A child’s first cry… A grandfather’s last breath… Our birthdays… His first date… Her first crush.

These moments are often the “first” or “last”. If we’re not mindful of them.. If we fail to entirely embrace life… We’ll miss them.

I’m really going through something right now. Though, most would say, “Oh that was such and such many years for Me!” (As if appropriate feedback is to make the conversation about your parallel experience. I HATE when people do this!)

All that to say, practice being diligently present in your life. Try to be in every moment as it’s happening. You don’t know when change will come.

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness.

Nova Namastè

6 responses to “Intentionally Present”

    • I definitely agree. I’m not trying to tell individuals how to live. I’m simply saying that when we mentally stay in the moment, we won’t miss big milestones. We’ll say less of “when did that happen”.. My second daughter is out of pull-ups and will begin school with her older sister this Fall. I’ve spent this Summer, trying to be in these moments because everything’s going to be different now.

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