Happy Tuesday 🥰

Photo credit: Pinterest!

☕️Coffee? Or 🍵?

However you start your morning, I pray it’s positive and refreshing. You’re here; and that, my friend, is a gift.

I had delicious Blue Mountain Blueberry Coffee! I added some chocolate creamer; and, mmmmm!

As I sat, sipping my liquid sanity, the cool air drifted in from the outside. This time, it was the perfect temperature… and the perfect frequency.

Later this morning, I found a package on my porch, and, drove my daughter to school. I stopped at Dollar General and grabbed my favorite snack (extra flavor blast goldfish).

Then, finally, I was able to open my mail. It’s from my lovely friend, Angela, and her daughter! They spent so much time creating and organizing and gathering. The whole package overflowed with love. I was just as full! This world needs more kindness… more moments when people have no words to speak the gratitude they have towards a person’s kindness.

One simple act of kindness can change everything. When we really sit and think about that, we begin to see this world a bit differently.

I’m going to work on a few things here at home, then maybe go walk. I hope you feel the good in this world today. I hope you take a moment and leave your own act of kindness. It’ll improve someone else’s day, in addition to your own.

With much love,

Nova Namastè

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