Spirit Box Series

I’ve been fascinated by the dead for as long as I can remember. I actually feel this sense of obligation to walk cemeteries, to visit the people buried there… and to talk and listen to them. I’m not driven to antagonize spirits, or to summon them into my presence. I sit where ever I feel led; and, I wait for their lead.
This recording is today, about 30 mins ago.


Photo by enfantnocta on Pexels.com

Whenever you work with the paranormal, please do so responsibly. To them, we are strangers, interfering in their space, as much as we feel like same.

In the comments below let me know if you hear anything specifically. As always stay safe, speak life, and spread kindness 💗💗🙏🏼🙏🏼

With Love,

Nova Namastè

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