May You Bless this Life

Happy Sunday talented and beautiful souls! Whatever tasks you have on your To-Do, whatever you have planned for this week, in every moment of every day, may life bless you with eyes wide open, heart to see truth, and ears to hear love!

May you walk in faith, that if you don’t feel hope in the moment, you be it. May you seek within yourself, the truth that’s been prepared for you before you were even born.

May you find the places that embrace you in safety, so that you can sit in silence. May you bravely love yourself enough to sit in that space, with love and grace for yourself, and face what you need too.

May you see your truth and follow it. May you seek what’s uncomfortable… and step out in faith… because you desire more… being scared is ok! Having to try again and again and again doesn’t mean you’ve lost! You learn each time; good things take time.

May you respect yourself enough to allow yourself time for what YOU need… food, exercise, water, sex, hugs! Set aside time for reflection, to allow rational thinking to take action in a situation.

Your life, your joy, your happiness, your choices, your mind, body, heart, spirit, everything that “is” in your life… is yours.

Your opportunities to be kind. Your words to be encouraging. Your eyes and face to express positivity .. If you want… you make it happen…

It’s your life… Be it in such a way that, even after life, you live through your incredible legacy!

I believe in you 💗🙏🏼

With love always:

Nova Namastè

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