Synchronized Hearts

Suddenly, she jostled out of the crowded room. Her chest had a sharp piercing of unbearable pain.

Honestly, she thought she was dying!

Forty five seconds later, all of her torture stopped. It disappeared as quickly as it arrived.

She didn’t understand it; she wasn’t sure she really wanted to.

Following a few minutes of hydrating her system, she worked her way back to the front of room.

Little did she know, at the exact moment her chest struggled to rise, her twin sister took her last breath.

The wind was howling; the roads covered with slippery wet leaves. It was a typical September Autumn night.

Andrèã was returning from a wedding she was hired to photograph. It was late, she hadn’t slept much sleep the last 24 hours.

Twenty minutes from home, she hits an area of the road notorious for high water. As she sat, attempting to move forward, then reverse…

In what felt like an eternity, she panicked as squinted to look out her window. The Mustang was racing, high beams nearly blinding her in an instant. Closer and closer it came. She screamed; but, to no avail.

The following week was a horrid nightmare for this family. They struggled with all parts of afterlife responsibilities.

Andrèã deserved the best funeral. Her mother couldn’t accept to have anything but top knotch. The expenses; though, were just too much. They weren’t poor; but, they weren’t well off either.

The driver? Well, he suffered minor cuts and bruses, but was released from the hospital the same night. He had yet to learn the Andrèã fate; therefore, he continued to walk in this superior righteousness.

His brother picked him up at the hospital. They were quiet on the way home. It wasn’t until they walked through the foyar, then front door, that he felt this heaviness got him.

He faced his parents, dreading the arura in the room.

“Sit down Dominic,” Dad firmly demanded,”We have something serious we need to discuss.”

Notes from the Author:

I recall my days in driving classes. I was scared to death that I was going to kill someone. I barely passed the driving portion of the class. When I was taken driving, I was just as paranoid! My mother lacked patience with me. I was in a great deal of trouble simply because I failed the permit test my first time.

Driving is a huge responsibility! We HAVE to remember that every other person behind the wheel is a brother, sister, niece, cousin, daughter, grandson… A. Loved. One. To. Somebody!

Their life isn’t ours to take because of our irresponsible choice.

With Love and Light

Nova Namastè

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