ABC’S for Grown-Ups

Acknowledge your mistakes. They’re opportunities to be better.

Buy yourself flowers, coffee, or new shoes! Dating yourself is a thing.

Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.

Dare to stand for that which you strongly believe.

Expect boundaries to be followed.

Find friends who can become family. Family is who loves you.

Get up and make your bed. It starts the day with an accomplishment.

Heed your own advice; or, don’t give it.

Identify with your truths, whatever that looks like.

Journal your thoughts. It’s free therapy.

Keep no anger. Everything is how you feel it to be.

Love yourself first. You’re the most important person in your life.

Mature with age.

Nap when you get a chance!

Open your mind to think outside what you understand.

Participate in that which adds value to your life.

Quiet your insecurity voices; so, you can hear your truth.

Respond to situation with rational reasoning.

Spend time alone, in silence. It’s freeing.

Teach yourself something new.. often.

Understand that differences are OK!

Visualize a plan. Create small tangible steps to accomplish it.

Walk in faith, confidence, and humility.

X-amine situations as if you’re seeking to find where you can grow.

Yearn to do, see, learn more.

Zoom with others. It’ll inturrupt the difficulty life can be in uncertain times.

With Love & Light

Nova Namastè


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