Good Morning Loves!

Sit in the silence, just for a minute. Place your arms across your chest, in a self hug position. Quiet the voices in your mind. These next few moments are yours. Turn them off; demand their silence… They don’t have power over you right now.

Sit in the silence, just for the next 60 seconds. Be in the right now. You’re here, alive and breathing. Breathe deeply, focusing on the rising and falling of your lungs. Breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

Inhale the hope of possibility. The joy in a choice to change. Allow the warmth of kindness fill you up! Quench your thirst with a delicious cup of patience and grace. There’s 525600 minutes of opportunities to be better, do better, act differently.

Exhale the crap that blocks your path. The toxicity of neigh sayers don’t own a spot in your mind. Your mistakes no longer hold you back. You no longer carry shame and guilt. You don’t walk with your head down, embarrassed by your choices.

My love message to you today:

You’re in a blessing called life. You’re ok. You’re amazing just as you are. You have made mistakes; but, you forgive yourself for them. You are not less than nor greater than any person of whom you come into contact. Though what’s caused you grief may be different from the next person, grief is something we all know. Even when life feels impossible, you are capable of handling it. You’re strong and resilient. You’re wise and adaptable.

There’s one person who makes sense of many lives in this world: you!
The missing piece. The glue of the family. The soulmate. The dog lover. The cat lady. The voice of reason. The person who makes him/her/them feel at home. The shoulder to lean on. The arms of greatest comfort. The safe place. The consistency someone needs. The only warm meal of the day. The confidant. The leader.

You MATTER! Don’t you dare tell yourself any differently!

Have a fantastic weekend 🫂💗🙏🏼

With so much love:

Nova Namastè

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