My Mental Health Journey 18

I share this because my mental health matters. I share this because I care about yours! Through personal experience, I can testify to my truth… only praying it’ll lift up others!

This is what toxicity sounds like ladies and gentlemen. Please LOVE you enough to remove it from your life. If you don’t know how, or feel you’re not strong enough to on your own, please seek help!

No one deserves to be spoken down upon! No decent human being would speak so righteously, as if their hands aren’t bloodstained.

No human being is going to thrive through speaking such filth to someone… But it takes strength to cast aside such lies from the individual to whom such is spoken.

You say I don’t know you but I know you better than you want to admit. I know the true recesses of your soul that you don’t want to admit to because it means you’re not who you believe yourself to be. You want to be strong, independent, and empathetic. The problem is you’re weak, vulnerable, gullible, and unprepared. You have fallen for the most common scams that caused you to lose money. You can’t make it on your own because you believe yourself to be the victim no matter what. You try to be something you’re not, wonder why you aren’t being accepted and loved. When we first met you wanted more kids and to be married again. Once you found out I’d had a vasectomy and refused to be married again you changed your mind accepting that. When you found out about my lifestyle you were adored yet tried to change yourself by becoming submissive to me. You wanted me all to yourself but also were starting to open up to the idea of a 3some knowing how jealous you’d be if I touched another woman. Those are only a couple examples that I can use to show you why I didn’t want to be with you. I didn’t want anyone to change for my benefit but to be their self. What should make you feel like a damn fool is how you tried to change yourself for someone else even after they tried to end things with you. You begged, cried, sent videos, pierced yourself, and manipulated any way you could think of to keep me around. I truly pity you because you want to believe it’s all my fault


Know Your Worth! Own Your Life

I’m not posting this to publicly bash the individual. I’m not posting this as if it doesn’t hurt, because it does. I’m not posting this as if, for a few seconds, it didn’t mess me up.

Imperfect humans will make mistakes and feel insecure. What we do with that defines us. How we respond to it, tells others who we are. I’m a work in progress; however, I’m far from “weak, gullible, unprepared”.

Vulnerable… will NEVER be a weakness.

That’s all❤️

With Love & Light:

Nova Namastè

3 responses to “My Mental Health Journey 18”

  1. Hello Nova, we’ve just come across your blog and think its great! We have also just begun our blog adventure and hope you would have time to have a look. We are mental health focused and have some exciting content coming in soon. It would be fab to get some feedback?


    Nick & Lucy

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