Short Story❤️

You have to BE OF GREATNESS in order to be remembered for greatness!

Nova Namastè
Photo by Pixabay on

We remember many people once they’ve passed on. Ironically, it’s the “good people” who go first…so we say!

When I think about who I’ve lost, the faces of individuals who were “inspiring, loving, and kind” stand out. People who were “ always laughing. They made me laugh!” come to front!

It’s not ironic, that as children, we associate everything with feelings. It’s all we understand. It’s the concept that is “age-appropriate” in our elementary years.

As we grow, it’s how we make others feel that impacts their lives. It’s not the money we’ve spent on them. It’s not anything but feeling.

Be of GREATNESS isn’t a daunting task… It’s not difficult…

It’s a legacy in the making ❤️🍀

It’s a path of impacting lives… one smile at a time.


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