In the Living Years

I have many blessings of which I’m endlessly grateful!

Lately, I’ve had waves of sorrow cover me.

The waves won’t wash away my gratitude; but, remind me that mortality is a balance.

Sometimes, when we hurt… we fear healing… because we don’t want to “forget” their scent.. their voice.. their face.

Sometimes, when we hurt… we fear healing because we think it’s a betrayal to “feel better”. This is especially true when we begin to date.

Sometimes though, we are “so strong through it”… that it’s not until later on that normality reveals their absence.

We know they’re not here… but, when their favorite song plays… or the meal doesn’t taste quite like they made it.

This is where I am, lately. I deeply miss my friend. My daughter’s father was an incredible human being!

He worked harder than anyone I knew. He tolerated more than anyone I knew. He was selfless and so giving.

My heart hurts today. His choice took him from my family… but, I know I contributed to his pain..

I guess this is a gentle reminder to really embrace who’s with us right now. Make mends and have those healing conversations.

Have the uncomfortable conversations too. Forgive if the quarrel wasn’t worth this effort, time, and energy.

Life is entirely too short.

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