Thirsty Thursday

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So we’ve made it to another Thursday! Here in my neck of the woods, the weather can’t decide to be dry and hot or humid and hot. I’m super ready for a rain ( which is all I say these days!). My neighbors have planted some tomato and few other veggie plants. I am sure they’d like them to eat some food from their labor.

How is everyone else’s garden growing? Anyone do any other landscaping or home repairs/remodeling? I’ve worked a great deal inside, which has been refreshing. Recently, my two girls have helped which has been tremendously relieving.

Other than the continued rise in the pandemic cases, how’s everyone feeling? Mentally? Physically? Honestly?

I’m struggling a bit to be honest. Change is happening too fast and I’m trying hard to adjust as best as I can. As any of you could relate, it’s not been easy. I’m failing to feel a support system that I desperately need. I’ve made decisions lately of which I should have consulted my mother…If she were alive. Yeah, life’s been a bit tough.

Anyway, whether you’ve made it to Thursday, or you’re just seeing early evening here on Wednesday, have yourself a refreshing thirst quenching drink and enjoy right now<3

With Love and Light:

Nova Namaste

4 responses to “Thirsty Thursday”

  1. It seems like everyone is getting into gardening and landscaping projects more! My mom and I decided it was time to plant some flowers and do a bit of landscaping. So, that will be a nice project for us to look forward to. Along with planting some herbs, fruits and vegetables. It seems like the perfect time to get in touch with nature and cherish the time with our loved ones a bit more with this pandemic going on. I’ve been missing the fresh air! I hope you have a beautiful Thursday when it comes for you! 💖🌸✨

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  2. Wednesday here … our garden is doing beautifully and we just picked our first zucchini. I am always here if you need a different ear! xo

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