Blowning in the wind

Photo taken by Vladislav Nikonov via Unsplash

Like dandelion seeds in the cool summer eve, I wish my sensitive could take flight. Truth is, such isn’t so. For now, I must reach for the light and Trust my colors will flourish.

Nova Namastè

Sensitivity is a blessing and a curse. Sometimes, as much as I preach ” behavior is a choice”, my emotions are stronger than my logic. I still have that balance, and I recognize my patterns. Tonight, my sensitivity flared. It pulled me back into the privacy of my own space. Now, it’s just riding the wave until I’m ok again.

With Love and Light

Nova Namastè

3 responses to “Blowning in the wind”

  1. Take your time in your ‘own space’, Nova! It helps a lot especially that it is pretty exhausting lately due to the changes we have to forcibly face. Take care always and stay safe!

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