Monday @ the Zoo

My trip to the zoo stimulated my senses.

I saw tons of strollers; and I thanked God my girls are no longer that age.
I saw toddlers throwing tantrums and binkies. A mother’s life to which I can relate.
I heard birds of all kinds: flamingos and swans, geese and crows.
I heard moms describing the scene in front of them: and, the sound of the tram.
I smelled the food, pizza and pretzels, in the food court.
I felt the warm gorgeous sun touching my skin. The weather was perfect, breezy but warm.
I felt the tension of my muscles, as I walked up hills to see giraffes and sea lions.
I tasted happiness, for I noticed buds on the trees and tulip blooms along the walking trail.
Nuns sat and enjoyed lunch. A kind man pushed a lady through the park. A perfectly designed precious boy walked with this ornery smile, and his security blanket.

It was over all such a great day! I really enjoyed it.


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