All this #TP Shortage


SOMEONE PLEASE, Explain this to me……..

15 responses to “All this #TP Shortage”

  1. The stats are absolutely clear that the elderly will suffer the highest rates of fatality, especially if they have existing health conditions. Unless there is some kind of viral mutation, the rest of us have little to fear. The TP issue makes me chuckle. You cannot eat the stuff. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  2. Hey Nova! Same problem here as well. They had to call the police to our local Walmart because fights broke out over toilet paper! People were actually running down the aisle to get to the toilet paper aisle only to find they were too late. So one guy stacked his cart high with paper towels instead! It’s crazy. And we don’t even have the virus in our part of the country yet. People need to stop panicking and just take normal precautions. Hope your week is good!😃😺

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  3. One of the reports here in the Uk, said that they estimate that up to 80% of the population will have it at some point. For most it will be mild. However for our older generation it may be catastrophic.

    We expect that in a few weeks time we will be asked to cooperate with similar restrictions to some other European lands by observing stricter quarantining arrangements and bans on large events etc. I read in a newspaper today that particularly older folk will be asked to separate themselves from others because they will be especially vulnerable.

    I work for the NHS and they cannot emphasise enough the importance of handwashing and isolation for those affected. Whilst we would just love it if the predictions were not as bad as feared, we have been prepared to expect a huge strain over the next few months. The emphasis on handwashing and isolation and other measures that may seem draconian are primarily to protect our vintage generation. We love them so much, but predictions are that we are going to lose many of them. In other words, while most of us will not suffer much physically, we well may suffer enormous grief as those who have encouraged and inspired us fall prey to this virus.

    There is a very important need to strike a balance between taking the warnings seriously, being obedient to instructions from authorities and not panicking. The government feels there is no need to stockpile.

    However, as with any challenge, it’s good to try to keep our spirits up. There are sad times ahead. We are expecting a lot of sadness. But we are going to try to show love and support to all those affected by the heartbreak ahead.



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