A little Kindness Story

The media wouldn’t report this; and, I’m not here to put myself on a pedestal. I’m sharing because feel good stories are few & far in between.

While at the laundromat today, a mother was busy doing her mountain of wash. I could tell she was as tired as I felt. The temps were 90s and it was just hitting early evening.

The laundromat was clearing out some, as customers were finishing up. My Zivah found a little boy, a friend to play with. She does that with EVERY person under 10! No mater where we go. Anyway, this lad was an adorable African American kiddo with adorable curls and such a desire to play.

At the point in time that I was drying my laundry, this momma was still working on hers. Her son was this precious baby ( 11.3/4 months old) running around.

I’ve been in her shoes. She also had a younger baby at home. That laundromat was annoyingly hot… And everyone was tired..

For a few minutes, I played with him with his toy cars. Awhile later, his mom still working on folding, little man Wane was more hot, hungry, and tired. He wanted mommy. He was throwing the tantrum., you know THAT tantrum!!

For me, it was a no brainer. I sat right down, picked him up, and rocked him for a few mins. Maybe that would have freaked you out, but I felt safe to help ease him from crying. I did apologize to his mom for not asking first… But, more than anything, I could feel her sense of relief… He just wanted alittle attention. Alittle comfort, to feel safe and secure…

We’ve all had tough situations, especially single parents. If we can extend kindness in some way, any way… To help make life a bit easier for someone, then we should do so.

I am blessed to have been right where I was needed today.

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