Mind Distraction

I’ve kept my mind focused on the good things around me. It’s become semi-normal again. I’ve picked up the hobby, puzzles, to work in the hours after dark, honestly the hours that remind us all of our skeletons. These require so much focus, especially with more pieces per puzzle. Each piece has a unique shape, and as they begin to connect, the outline of the pieces is created within the puzzle.

There’s a bigger picture of my life. I’m not too say which pieces belong, and which do not, which will fit and which will not. All of that’s been decided. I must live, embracing what I can connect, and accepting that which is yet to be connected. There’s reasons why things happen as they do, though sometimes we truly feel what we lose is a loss.

My daughters and I have had great fun thus far this summer (unofficially yet)! We’ve met many friends. We’ve exercised and enjoyed watching wildlife. We’ve visited the Zoo and enjoyed yogurt. We’ve been to see a movie, and more is yet to come.

Here’s a few I’ve finished. They’re digital.


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