Pre-Pride Disclaimer

So, June is Pride Month! Speaking for myself, my sexuality is and always has been “not straight”! It doesn’t matter which it is, that’s not anyone’s business but mine.

Humans feel this need to judge what we don’t understand. (Oddly, the government is the least we judge but rather trust, and we don’t understand… Topic for another day.) My blog is a “safe place.” It’s for everyone. There won’t be any passive aggressive shit or fighting going on.

I am proud of who I am. I have been this way since I was born. I didn’t wake up one day, or expierence something (some idiotic theory’s going around that the majority of homosexuals have been sexually assaulted or abused, which caused a transformation.) that just “turned me” this way.

To all of you who question that, let me say this… it’s OUR life… our reality!! We had to accept this socially unacceptable life… as our truth. We had to step out knowingly how rejected and condemned we’ll be, and begin to live our true selves. If you think we CHOSE this life, as difficult as it is, then you really don’t understand.

My profile will support MY IDENTITY during pride month. If you don’t feel mature enough to “appreciate our differences” , then I invite you to unfollow me now.

8 responses to “Pre-Pride Disclaimer”

  1. You do you! Your sexuality like you said is no ones business but yours. At the end of the day all that matters is your happiness. I have friends and family members in the LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 community and my love and respect for them grew stronger because I saw how much strength it took and still takes dealing with all the stigma and negative and unwarranted comments! I love love and you love who you love and other people’s opinions doesn’t matter! Thanks for sharing this post with us.

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  2. I think it’s awesome you are being true to yourself!! I look forward to seeing what you share through the month of June. I’ve been trying to learn more ways to be supportive to the community. I think it’s so important to stop and listen to what other people are saying in order to bring the world to a better place.
    You know, I spent a big portion of my life in church. I would hear them teach what was right and what was wrong. On the outside, I would agree because I was afraid to openly disagree. But many of the teachings I could honestly never reconcile in my heart. They just didn’t seem right. I stopped going to church when the time came to talk to my children about the different types of sexuality. I realized I could not honestly tell them I believed the way our church believed. It didn’t feel right to me to say it was wrong to be anything other than straight. I’ve never walked in anyone else’s shoes so how could I say for sure if they chose to be that way or were born that way? And why would it matter?
    Sorry to ramble on…my point was really just to say I look forward to learning more so that I can be as supportive as possible to the LGBTQ+ community. I have the utmost respect and appreciation for everyone and want to do whatever I can to help.

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    • I appreciate your love & support 💖💜💙!!
      Thank you so much for being true to yourself. It could have been difficult, but you could have still taught your children as you were taught. Thank you for giving them the freedom and acceptance, to embrace all that love is!! Your story really touched my heart. I’ll never forget it 💕💕

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      • I’m glad my story was helpful and not a rambling mess, lol. Yes, I want my girls to grow up to love and accept people for who they are, not the label society puts in them. I didn’t want them growing up judging people based on sexuality, race, gender, etc. I realized that was what church would teach them. So we left. Now they are young teens and they are passionate about defending those society picks on. Makes me proud to see how much they love people, even people who are different from them. 💜💙💜

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