Sports & Mental Health

You know who this is?

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If you know anything about sports, you know this face. He’s notorious for his infamous ” The Malice at The Palace” moment. What you may NOT know, he’s taken control of his mental health and had recieved therapy! This short fused hothead now speaks about his days since… Including thanking his psychiatrist after his 2010 NBA winning shot against the Celtics.

Men struggle with mental health too. It doesn’t mean they’re weak and any less masculine! Guys, I can’t empathize this enough. It’s OK TO NOT BE OK!! It’s ok to verbalize, even recognize, what you’re feeling! You must believe that because you’re just as human as is females. Sports players, celebrity musicians, and many more influential people feel the same.

I feel this particular angle of Mental Health needs awareness. If any of you see any recent articles similar to this, please tag me.

Keep an eye out for his new documentary, “Now Metta World Peace” on May 31st via Showtime 💖💚🙏🏼

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