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Tried, Tested, & True

  • If you’re interested in earning alittle bit of cash on the side, or gift cards, for such things as
    1. Scanning products at the store (Shopkicks).
      Uploading receipts (Fetch Rewards/Ibotta/Shopkicks).
      Walking through store doors (Shopkicks).
      Answering Survey Questions (Inbox Dollars).
      Earning points for simply buying products (Fetch Rewards/Ibotta/Shopkicks)
      Playing games on your phone (Inbox Dollars)

    These apps are for you!!

    Right now, I have legitimately nearly $100 extra from these apps. They’re so simple to you, you’re going to wish you knew about them sooner!

    That’s my guarantee to you! If you have any questions, please feel free to comment on this post.

    Here’s my referral links:

    1. Inbox Dollars:

    Note: I have $43.22 in earnings right now.

    2. Fetch Rewards

    Note: I have successfully claimed and used a $10 Apples Gift Card. I also have 35K+ points as of now!!

    CODE: B9CCG!!

    3. Shopkicks

    Note: I have successfully claimed and used 3 gift cards thus far! I just received $25 via PayPal. I’ve had 19k+ so far!

    CODE: SALE750521

    4. ibotta

    Note: I’ve saved over $125 through this app so far. You have to have at least $20 to cash out.


    5. Panel App

    This is a simple survey app based on GPS locations from your phone.

    I’m near the $5 gift card mark ☺️

    Get the Panel App and start earning free gift cards & more!

    6. Survey Mini

    This one doesn’t have a referral system but works the same as the Panel App.


    Again, any questions, please feel free to comment, and I’ll help as much as possible!!

    🌻🌻Hurry so you don’t miss out on the savings🌻🌻


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