Word of the Day Challenge: Gaze

Subtle and quietly, she maneuvered through the

Market, searching for the perfect melon and freshest

Bundle of basil leaves.

Her father would scold her till hell froze over if he

knew; but she lived for the wrong doing adrenaline.

It gave her a sense of urgency to explore this great

Big world; all that’s beyond those stuffy castle walls.

As she weaved through the townspeople, she kept her

Eyes on the market stand she frequently visited.

His was by far the best of choices, for everything from

Fruit to herbs, flower seeds, to organic pastries. He

Was a dark and handsome man, roughly late 20s to

Mid 30s.

Though, she had a gaze that stopped em in their

Tracks, she has yet to accomplish the challenge

Of catching his attention. She’d gracefully step up to

The stand, and flash a warm and friendly smile.

As he did with every lady, he’d tip his hat with respect

And a returned welcome. She always anticipated the

butterflies that followed.

” How could this man have no idea? ” She thought

To herself.

She put down a melon that obviously wasn’t ready for

Purchasing and picked up another. Honeysuckle

Syrup poured over crepes, with a side of cantaloupe

Was her favorite breakfast. Her mother would

sprinkle a pinch of nutmeg over the entire plate. It

Was the perfect touch, but moms do that, add what’s

Needed to made everything just right.

She returned to the market scene when she felt a

warm touch upon her arm. She smiled sheepishly, that

Sweet and innocent smile men can’t resist. He stood so

Close, she could feel his body heat radiate from his

well defined figure.

” Sorry, I didn’t hear what you said.” She sympathized

He simply took the fruit from her hand and replaced it

With one from his crop. Politely, he tip his hat again as

If to say, It’s on me. Bidding you a great day.

She accepted with a returned wink and headed back


Formulated for the One Word Prompt Challenge: Gaze


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