#98 Weekend Writing Prompt: Impervious

This is being formulated for Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt Challenge. You can read more about it HERE =]

The couple chattered merrily down a chilly London street. They’re newly weds, and the honeymoon phases was radiating from their smiles.

Two blocks from their favorite Cafè, they passed a small boy shivering under an old ragged tarp.

” Oh look John, that young man needs help. He’s at least needing an impervious shelter to keep dry.!” Natalia empathized.

” Hello! What’s your name?” She inquired before John could caution her.

” Toby, ma’am.” the frightened boy murmured.

” Well Toby, I’m Natalia. Would you like to come with us so we can get you some basic needs?”

He, thankfully, took her hand.

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