Self Reflection Questions

I love thought provoking questions. They challenge me to consider what I truly believe, ask why, and consider alternative options.

Here’s a great list I found on Pinterest.

The first question caught my interest. I think ” good enough” and ” acceptable” will always be self defined. I believe that their definitions will always vary from one individual to the next. I, also, believe these definitions will change in the course of an individual’s life.

What do I mean by self-defined? I create my definition of what’s “good enough”. I decide what I can live with, a far as accepting who I am.

Varies from one person to the next? Though society has established “social norms”, everyone other than me will need to decide when or if they feel good enough. They’ll know when and/or if they accept themselves. No two people believe exactly the same.

Changing with time? As stimuli begins to challenge my thought process, hormones begin to influence my body and mind, and expierences provide insight, I will alter my definition of ” good enough”. I will change what I believe to be acceptable.

The best concept in this evolving idea, is to love yourself as you are, accept who you are currently, while becoming who you want to be. If you love yourself to understand your imperfections and mortality, you’ll accept yourself with greater confidence.

What are your thoughts regarding feeling ” good enough” and ” that which is acceptable” of yourself?

9 responses to “Self Reflection Questions”

  1. Don’t get me wrong, I want people to like me. But I also can only be myself. And if John isn’t good enough for you, I understand. We all are not each other’s cup of coffee.

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  2. I love this. Good enough & acceptance are two items I definitely struggle with. It’s gotten better with age, but I am still my own worst critic. Thanks for sharing. I am adding these questions to my self discovery journal!!

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  3. This is a tricky one! I think a lot of people would think are they good enough for the people around them. Also Acceptable, is in society… I know the true value should be how we feel about ourselves though… ❤

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