This Daily Prompt: Apparition

This was created for Sheryl’s This Daily Prompt: Apparition. You can find the details to this, and the previous challenges, by clicking HERE 💛


Fawver, Vera

Bday: 03/36/1976

Died: 02/16/2079

Sweet Vera transended into heaven on Thursday, the 16th of February. She’s proceeded in death by her mother, Cecelia. Vera was a bright and bubbly little girl. She was always laughing and cooing at nature’s creatures, big and small. She had the most charming head of curls and endless compassion. Among her living relatives are her two brothers, Dusty and Paul, her father Marshall, and many Aunts and Uncles. Funeral arrangements will be made in the next few days. Flowers can be sent to the family home or to Ronald McDonald’s Children’s Hospital.

Date: 02/16/2039

” Paul, look what I just found! Don’t you have an Uncle named Paul?” Hazelett whispered to get fiance.

” Indeed, I do. What have we here?” He responded, gently taking the news clipping from her hand.

” Brilliant! This is exactly what we need. Vera was such a tragic loss; her father never got over it. My Aunt Robin told me, Cecelia hung herself when Vera was nine months old. She severly struggled with postpartum depression.” Paul continued.

” Wow! I didn’t realize such great loss was in your family. I’m so sorry, baby.” Hazrelett empathized as she placed her right hand in the center of his back.

” Do you believe she is the apparition we’ve seen in the foyer?” I specifically remember that if a younger child, a girl. She wasn’t in great detail, but she laughed at the morning birds just outside the window.” She added.

” It’s quite possible!” Paul remarked.

Suddenly, he felt an artic chill fall the length of his spine.

” Hazel, look at my arms. The goosebumps are so defined. My hair is standing up, as if someone or something just touched me!” He slightly turned around.

” I don’t see anyone out of the ordinary. I don’t see any ghostly outlined figured either. Are you sure you felt a presence?” She asked.

No sooner did she finish her thought, the newspaper clipping went flying through the room. It zipped up the flights of stairs, and to the right. Soon following, it zipped back to the center of the upper room. As if looking for a specific section, the clipping kept making directional changes.

” What on earth?” The couple exclaimed in unison.

As quickly as possible, they stumbled up the stairs, and began searching through the Isles. Neither had seen anything like this before, and, though terrified, they knew they had to find where that clip landed.

To be continued…

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