Letting Her Grow

Formulated for The Sunday Photo Fiction 😀 You can read about it HERE.
Photo Credit: C.E. Ayr

Robin was a single mom to three grown young ladies. When her youngest was just 18 months, the girls’ father ran off with some sleezy French chunky chic. He met her at one of the an doctors conventions in New Zealand.

Though, without a doubt, the task of parenting these girls alone was tough, the priceless moments made everything worth while.

Today, Jasmine, the 18 year old ambitious spring flower, was taking the train to upstate NY for school. She’s a beginning freshman, and she is beyond ready to begin this adventure.

” Ok, you ready?” Robin asked her precious babe.

” As ready as I’m going to be!” Jasmine declared.

” Please be careful. As soon as you step off the train, please call me.”

” Of course, I know how you worry. Try and relax mommy, everything is going to be fine. We’ll Facetime later this evening, ok? Jasmine continued.

” Alright. I love you Sweetheart!” Robin finally added.

” I love you most!” Jasmine replied, embracing her mom for a tight hug.

They’ve always been close. Robin felt so grateful in that moment.

(200 words)

5 responses to “Letting Her Grow”

  1. Not to complain after such a cute, heart-warming story but, ‘father ran off with a French “chick.” ‘Chic’ is an adjective, pronounced sheek, meaning, ‘attractive, fashionable, stylish.’
    What does ‘an doctrine’ mean to you? It means nothing to me, though knowing might have involved me more with the story. 🙂

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  2. It feels good doesn’t it? Robin has single handedly helped her girls grow. One of them is going to university now. An achievement indeed!

    Liked by 1 person


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