YDWP: Inviting

Rita decided to take a sabbatical from work. She was frustratingly overwhelmed, to say the very least! Six weeks ago, a multimillion dollar malpractice lawsuit landed on her desk. As the Chief of Surgery, she’s responsible when “shit hits the fan.” This was a Santa’s sack of coal set on fire kind of damage.

It was a Wednesday night, the ER was fairly quiet. Middle of August, weather’s been nice… The patients on the stupidity scale has been alarmly low.

Rita was in the process of a triple bipass when the call came in. Immediately, she passed the surgery to the Senior Attending and assisted with this case. The President’s daughter was drunk and fell over a banister, into a five foot pool. As if the lack of depth wasn’t enough of a problem, a resident knicked a main artery. She bled out before Rita and the other surgeons could contain it.

The conversation with the President was a far cry from a nightmare. He needed someone to blame. The rage was uncontainable. That’s understandable coming from a parent, any would get it; but, he had intangible expectations for his daughter.

Shaking her head of the disarray her work has been, she came back to the present. This quaint little cottage off the Switzerland Alps was perfect. Inside, the cozy guest area, private jacuzzi, and accommodating kitchen greeted her with a warm inviting atmosphere.

The bedroom was dressed in grizzly bear commodities: bedsheets, curtains, night stand. She placed her suitcases on the bed and sat down.

” It feels so nice to finally have some peace and quiet!” She whispered with great relief.

Written for Sheryl’s Your Daily Word Prompt


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