#WOTDC: Accomplish

Frank slowed down, and stopped. The traffic is San Diego is hell to bare. Idiosyncratic drivers care not for anyone or anything else, other than their own agenda. To often Frank would read of another pedestrian struck, while crossing the street. This past Monday, the article pulled at his heartstrings. The victim was a 3 year old little girl, walking with her Nana. He took every precaution to drive responsibly.

Just at the moment, when the vehicle completely stopped, he saw her, Julie Childs. In an instant, all the memories came rushing back. They were childhood sweethearts. What he loved most about her, was her selfless support and encouragement. From climbing the tallest tree at church camp to convincing his mother to allow him to barrow the car, Julie was his cheerleader. He remembered feeling he could accomplish anything because he had her in his life.

The years past, and the two of them grew apart. By graduation, they weren’t even speaking. Frank couldn’t understand why; he wasn’t given an explanation. All these years, he thought about her, and hoped she was well. He wasn’t ready to see her standing there amongst the crowd. He wasn’t prepared to force himself to regain control of his breathing and work down his anxiety.

Today was the presentation of his new business project, Operation Children Outreach. There’s been tiresome nights and countless hours of negotiating with research to prepare for this today. He knew, with absolution, nothing can interfere with his focus.

He glanced up for a moment, and the light turned green.

Written for The Word of the Day Challenge: Accomplish

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