Closed Doors

The Unites States is the land of established freedoms, developed civilization, and enriched lives. We have advantages far beyond the imagination.

Building structure is just a teeny tiny piece of the picture. The US has available resources to build plaster walls, brick walls, entire structures of steel or metal.

Within the developing of this countries, within the old and new buildings, alike, are doors. Not only, do we have doors, but also, locks.

Now consider third world countries. Homes are made of earthy material. They feel blessed to have a roof over their head. In other parts of the world, homes are made of clay, or mud. No doors.

Doors are more significant than one realizes. They provide safety from outsiders. They provide enclosement, a sense of privacy, and belonging.

When doors are closed, often times in today’s modern society, individuals fail to respect their privelege.

Children are abused.

Affairs take place.

Individuals are killed.

There’s texting and driving.

People steal what isn’t theirs.

Drug transactions are completed.

So on and so forth.

Privacy is a gift. Teenagers begin to learn this as parents teach them about respect and choices of integrity.

Imagine how different this country would be if we all practiced a bit more gratitude of our priveleges and took the opportunities to demonstrate trust.

Written prompt taken from Think Written.

Photos taken from Pixabay

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