Funny Alphabet Story

Mr. alligator laid on the grass, eating a yummy green apple.

Mr. Bear sat on a log, baking a fresh banana.

Miss Catfish swished and swiveled, as she nibbled on her carrot.

Ms. Daisy Dolphin dashed over and grabbed her dumplings dinner.

Mr. Elephant escaped the jaws of lion, holding an ear of corn.

Gracie Goat gobbled down her purple juicy grapes.

Herbert the Hippo hurtled across the field to a big pile of hay!

Iggie Iguana basqued in the sun, licking a cold scoop of ice cream.

Mr. Jellyfish enjoyed a hot cup of tea, with toast and jam.

Kalyapee Koala perched on a kite, inhaling a large kumera.

Miss Llama rested against a shady tree, numbing on lemongrass and lavender leaves.

Molly Manta Ray swam the nearby waters, feasting on a fresh mango.

Mr Nightingale sang the sweetest melody, refreshed from sweet nectar.

Ozzy Octopus stood watch as the intersection, as the opened swim session began.

Petunia the Peacock prided herself with her famous plum dumplings and pies.

Quills Quail quickly covered the quivering kitten.

Riffs Raccoon ruffled feathers in his free time.

Stephen the snake sat impatiently upon the slippery slick sidewalk.

Trevor the Tucan took talking lessons from a terrific Mr Turtle.

Unicorn Horns were buried under the unstable bridge.

The venomous viper wore pants with no visible zipper.

Willy the Wale enjoys washing and wading in the warm weather.

Xperts could find an animal for X.

Zebras zing zag until they’re dizzy, and they need Zyprexa.

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