Feels or Logic?


Said no INFJ,…. ever!

Are you a “feelings” individual? Have you always felt drawn to natural elements, and you’ve known details before understanding the situation?

Maybe you’re a planner individual, who does best with concrete stimuli and logical reasoning.

AND maybe you’ve never really thought this much about who you really are.

As this year ends, a fabulous choice for a fresh beginning is taking the Meyer’s -Briggs Personality Test. I briefly introduced this topic in my blog page, Who you are: Meditation.

What this is, in a nutshell, is a four letter combination that describes you. You have an opportunity to take the test, here. The four letters result will be one of sixteen combinations. All sixteen are the following:

Photo Credit Attached

Some individuals are skeptical. They feel such studies and the categories are worthless when it comes to an individual’s personality. 

Here’s what ADAM RUINS EVERYTHING has to say. 

The final decision is up to you. I know my results have changed my life and have improved it by leaps and bounds.


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