Multiple Word Post (MWP): Birthday Trip to Pittsburgh

It was the weekend of March 7th. My sister and I planned to celebrate our friend’s 21st in style. The three of us piled into my sister’s car, and we headed for the strip. The whole way up was a brouhaha! Stories from our Dairy Queen days, school events, and  girl scouts surfaced in conversation. Laughter erupted so often, none of us could breathe. 

Granted, none of us were that familiar with Pittsburgh, we drove around until we made some random exit. The road layout over there is the worst I’ve ever seen! As we say at one particular bar, I noticed an exit ramp, that literally faded back into the highway. Haha, the most insane set up ever. 

Feeling a bit uncomfortable with that bar, and the super friendly men inside, we ladies decided to leave. Back in the car, my sister pulled out of the ally and back into the main road. She drove aimlessly, failing to stop at the red light in the intersection

I’m sitting in the backseat in such panic. A police cruiser soon stopped beside us on the deserted street.  

“Hello officer,” my sister began. 

“Good evening ladies.” he responded.” That’s a red light you ran back there!” be continued to my sister.

Without a pause, my sister comes up with this hilarious response, 

” Oh! Well, I’m from out of town. Could you tell us where the….” 

Haha the moment she said it, I completely expected her to be asked to step out and placed in handcuffs. Instead, he goes, ” Red doesn’t mean stop where you’re from.” 

It was a night to remember. We never made it to strip; but then again, we didn’t need alcohol to appear like we had zero sense. We made a commitment to enjoy this birthday, and that we did! 

Written for the following :

Sheryl’s Your Daily Word Prompt (brouhaha

Fandango’s One Word Challenge (intersection

Nova’s Daily Random Word (pause)

talesfromthemindofkristian’s Word of the Day (commitment)

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