Self-Care Sunday #4

I was sitting here, slowly pulling myself from the box ” The Ex Files”, when I came across this gorgeous flower.

These are called Lily of the Valley. I wasn’t familiar with them; but, I knew there was a message in my finding them. 

Edie Smith, in his article on, explores the symbolism of this particular flower. 

  • Known as May’s Lily, means “return to happiness”.

most often symbolizes chastity, purity, happiness, luck and humility.”

  • In a Christian Lore, the flowers are believed to be tears. Tears of Eve, Jacob, or Virgin Mary’s. 
  • In the world of folklore, Villy of the Valley flowers are protection against evil spirits, tiny cups for faires’ drinks, provide visions of heaven, and hold several others significant purposes.
  • Celebrated on May Day in France, these are sold in street venders. 

What I noticed, the theme among all the definitions, is it’s belief in prosperity of happiness. When I need it most, right now, because our Good Lord knows all… my morning is embracing the gift of possibility. That pain shall pass, and though differently than it looked before, my happiness will find me again… from the angelic cups of overflowing tears. God’s creation of this flower teaches that it’s ok to cry. Even then, something beautiful happens. 

Life isn’t a coincidence, but a series of events, guiding you to the best, the highest version of yourself. In the days, tucked in, are the moments and messages that get you through, storing and restoring, wounds that felt impossible to heal. Open your heart, and you’ll see everything is for your good. 

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