The Shooting Star

One night, the sweetest blond hair little toddler sat on a down-stuffed pillow, by the window. This was her most favorite spot in all of the world (or at least in all of her great big little world).

When she wasn’t watching the Princesses being rescued by the boys, testing mommas’ patience, scooping out peanut butter by the fistful, and mischievously sneeking into everything she shouldn’t be, Claire sat at her window.

She loved watching those bright pocka dots appear in the black. They were so special to her; she squealed with each one. She also really enjoyed talking to the moon about everything. Today’s topics were: her yucky green stalk mommy thought she’d eat for lunch (Yeah right!), the blue (was that really the color she used?) paint she used to make a friendly spider picture, and the torturous expierence of her mid-afternoon bath. Her moon was such a great friend, always willing to listen.

Claire had only gotten half-way through her explanation as to why she couldn’t eat the stalky crunchy yucky green stuff, when the light of the brightest star shot across the sky! Claire stopped abruptly and smiled from ear to ear! Somehow, she wasn’t afraid. Somehow, she knew everything was still OK.

Once the aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh wore off, little Miss Claire went right back to her previous conversation. She has always been a special girl. Her personality was extroverted and larger than life. She had an imagination and equally as big of a heart.

“And that’s that! I’m never eating it!” she finished.

” I see! Well, then, that’s that!” reiterated Mr Moon. 🌛

Photos taken from Pixabay

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