This vs That

You know what I love about theory? It can be proven to be truth, by some tangible evidence. Likewise, it can be debunked by tangible evidence.

Trial and error produces results that either support or debunk a theory. In the case of spirituality, though truth relies on personal beliefs for the majority, the same CAN still happen.

Let’s say a trial is set up to determine whether or not a concoshtion of drugs can cure Hodgkinson lymphoma. Through studies, researchers have reported this cancer ills middle-aged African Americans more so than other group. Coincidently, spiritual beliefs also reign strong in the African American Society.

The two possible outcomes of the trial are

  1. The cancer is gone.
  2. The cancer is still present.

Science, evidence of tangible blood tests, provides some answers as to a cure. Now, what about faith… and spirituality?

The cancer is a condition that enters the Petri dish called prayer. The testing machines are belief, faith, and obedience. For the individuals who live deep in faith, the power of a Greater Being has provided tangible evidence.

Through prayer and praise, rebuke of the Devil, and other spiritual practices, the two results are:

  1. The cancer is gone.
  2. The cancer is still present.

In the Biblical day’s, Jesus rose from the dead. He turned water into wine (one of my MOST appreciated gratitudes;), and cured a woman from Leprosy. Those are tangible results. To the followers of Jesus, that’s the belief that God’s able and capable.. despite the unseen. In modern day, tangible evidence could be a crippled standing up and walking back to his/her seat.

In both scenarios, the theory was born through a belief in possibility. By testing a theory, the results showedq either successful or unsuccessful. Based on the tangible results, each scenario will tweak the procedure and try again. Should there be no other possibility (probability), the testing has been completed.

Evidence is a result of theory… an idea that took on life because one person believed it.

Neither was proven more valid than the other. Neither was proven better than the other.

Both were proven to be systems that produced results based on belief.

What you choose to believe is your life. All that’s happening around you is a system of particles swirling to and fro, appearing in the formation of recognizable objects. What truth is in it? What theory are you testing? Are you testing the theories you belief? Do you even know what you belief? Are you seeing the results that you desire? Are you opened to the possibility of alternative results? Are you willing to tweak and try again?

Something to think about ๐Ÿงก

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3 responses to “This vs That”

  1. Great post! The power of faith is the evidence not seen; believing in it so strongly that it manifests itself. But Faith in an era where people demand proof over anything else is indeed hard. But like you said, you believe is your life, yet I’ve seen God work in ways that are unexplainable.

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