Be IN the moments, or Be Forgotten

This sounds like a “duh!” right?…

No…. wait… more like “DUH!!!!!” 😂

And, my response to each one would be, yes! You’re absolutely right; I just wanted to make sure you were awake and paying attention;)

All funny business aside, there’s value to that nonsense up above that line.

It has to do with memory, and time, details, and presence. Did you know that memories we have are not “of the time when the event first occurred” but rather “remembering back to the last time we remembered the event”?

So if we hadn’t thought about something for some time, the details are fuzzy!

Other factors, such as Dementia and Anti-Depressants influence how much we remember.

If you are walking through life “asleep”… Allowing distractions, insignificant things, or anything worrisome into front and center, you’re never going to make the memories to look back on. If you’re living in your regret and guilt, you’re robbing yourself of not only a present, but, a happy future… Because you’ve made no current memories to remember:(

This is yet another reason to live your life! Nothing is promised. You’ve made it 100% to today, and you’ve overcome obstacles. You’re capable, able, and will overcome more…

Just don’t forget to ” be ” ….


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