Top 10

Reasons I Love My Daughter in School :

  • She makes new friends.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized the importance of friendships. I truly wish I realized this, that my parents nurtured this idea when I was my daughter’s age.

  • I see other parents.

Suddenly I don’t feel so alone in the ” sometimes” struggles that feel like suffocation.

  • I hear others parenting.

This morning, I walked past an older woman of whom I’ve spoken to before. She had a small child with her, and she was instructing, “You always let the girls to first.” Way to go ma’am. That’s chivelry this world’s forgotten.

  • Mondays are for me.

My younger daughter stays with her dad on the weekends (Saturday-Monday for him), and my older child is in school. If any day of the week, I need me time, it’s Monday!

  • Another trustworthy adult is teaching my child.

It’s been me and her for a very long time. We’ve been through so much together. I’ve felt she’s needed abit of extra time learning, and I’m thankful she has an amazing teacher. The teacher really does make a difference with whether or not a child learns.

  • I have quality time with my younger daughter.

Both of my girls fight for my attention. Because of my younger daughter’s father being active in her life, she is able to spend one on one time with him. Now that my oldest is in school, I’m blessed with some time with just her, as well.

  • She sleeps better.

The hours she’s in school wears her out. When she’s home, because of several reasons, I’m unable to take her out as often. The excessive walking and playing at school has helped her to sleep. She’s also very energetic and I’m an introverted INFJ. I need daily quiet time. We both have needs meet with this arrangement.

  • This is a big girl thing.

The girls are close, don’t get me wrong. Going to school, though, has allowed my older one to feel special. This is something only she does (for a year anyway). While the two are separated during the day, they are excited to see one another at pick up time.

  • She misses me.

We spend the hours apart, doing life, then resume in early afternoon. Every single day, after school, my daughter will run to me and hug me. She, then, goes to her sister. It’s my favorite part of every day.



Because the girls are 5 & 2, this is already happening. Sissy has begun mimicking and coping her older sister. As my oldest learns though, she’ll teach my younger one. Being me, from one aspect, that’s golden news. Learning good habits and helpful knowledge is a plus. (Now, if I can keep the ornery habits at bay, I’ll be set 😄😂).

5 responses to “Top 10”

  1. I got two boys, (turning 3 at the end of this month) and 8 mos…they give me a run for my money during the week and I let my husband have them on the weekends(I’ll jump in if he seems overwhelmed)…since I don’t work(trying to change that) I worry about their social interactions with other kids(I take them to the park in our complex but kids aren’t always out)…my oldest is extroverted and LOVES the attention and is super smart but the way daycare is set up($$$), so I struggle with his rambunctiousness…he’s So smart that things bore him quickly(we can’t keep up). He loves his baby brother though and I see him trying to keep up with big bro, so that’s definitely a plus. I’m just waiting to get to where you are lol

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